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4 Top ad networks for small publishers in 2018

1.Adsterra Advertising Network: Adsterra is one of the best alternative  advertising network for google adsense.when compared to google
adsterra approval process is easy and simple, if your website has below 1 million rank in Alexa, your website got approval.

how to monetize adsterra?
1. First you need to register for adsterra network and get approval for displaying ads in your website.
2. Now place adsterra ad code in your website
3. Start making money from adsterra

How many Types of ad formats adsterra offer?
1. popunder ads( should have 5k impressions every month to qulify for popunder ads)
2. Cpm ad (All sizes)
3. Interstitials ads
4. Text ads

You can see screenshot for ad types offered by adsterra.

If your website getting more traffic from india you can use cpm ads and make good money. You can monetize your blog, websites, Facebook fan page
using adsterra, which makes adsterra stands unique from other advertising networks make top ad networks in the list.

Adsterra offers different payment options: Bitcoin, ePayments, Paxum, PayPal, Payza, Webmoney, WireTransfer.

Minimum payout for PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, ePayments, Payza is $100
Minimum payout for wire is $1000

2. Adnow advertising Network: which is one of the best native content ad network which offers users a good experience by displaying related and recommended
content in your website.

by using adnow native advertising you can increase pageviews for your website.adnow automatically promote your content with native ads platform
will boost your pageviews by 50%.

why they pay more?

1. 160000 webmasters using adnow, which shows their trust on adnow.
2. you can also earn 5% referral bonus for every publisher or advertiser you refer.
3. weekly payments, starting from 20$ using various payment methods.
4. safe and malware free ads
5. easy approval proceess, only need 5 min to setup your ads and start receiving money in 7 days!
6. Hindi language websites can also apply for this adnow network.

3.Bidvertiser PPC Network: Best alternative for google adsense, you can get approval instantly, they have 15 years of advertising experience
one of the old advertising network in industry.

They allow all websites for monetization, they even accepts bog spot websites too, which is good news for publishers who dont have custom domain.

Bidvertiser pay monthly, either by check, wire or instantly through PayPal with a minimum of only $10, one of the best low payment threshold in industry.
you can check your detailed stats every hour, know how many clicks and income you generate from your website.

They offer lots of ad formats like text ads, popup ads, ebay ads, in feed ads etc.

4. Adbuff cpm ad network: one of the best cpm ad network in industry, some time they offer high cpc rates then adsense.
to register for this network your website should have minimum 2000 visitors per day, if your website got approval you will get 25$ signup bonus
minimum payment threshold is 100$ for paypal and 500$ wire transfers, they pay net45.

   1. High Sharing of revenue.

   2. Offers Weekly Bonuses

   3. Reliable and Efficient tracking

   4. Payments are paid timely

   5. Real-time dashboard offering Real-time reporting

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