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Chitika Review: Best Paying PPC Network In 2017 - 2018

chitika review

Hi friends, welcome to make money free tips, today i came up with new income tip for your website, i will show you new income source for the new bloggers. why i said new is because they are not aware of affiliate marketing. once you gain some knowledge you will go for affiliate marketing. To do affiliate marketing we need to leave laziness, then only we get success other wise we will not get any penny.

we all know income is very important for blogger, without income we dont get any interest in your blogging profession, here i will give you enough knowledge to make money using chitika ad network, which is very simple to add java script code into your website to display your ads. for this we need some organic traffic to earn some decent amount.

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How to register for chitika ad network?

like other networks like adsense we need to register for chitika to display ads, if you are getting less organic traffic chitika is one of the best premium ad network, they have low minimum payment threshold which helps to get some income fastly, instead of waiting for 100$ threshold in google adsense. To get constant income one should maintain high quality content blog.

who will join chitika ad network?

I will provide you full overview in chitika network,at the end of this chitika review you will know

How chitika ad network works for your website.

1. Chitika ad network is one of the best alternative for google adsense, if you know how google adsense works, its simple to understand chitika as well which is a best contextual ad network. which shows ads related to your content.

2. Getting started with chitika is easy when compared to google adsense, they take less time to get approval, once you get approval you can create ad types they offer you can also create mobile ad types and display in your website by simply placing java script code in your website.

3. Chitika making 1$M/year in ad revenue, so you can estimate how many trusted publishers and advertisers using chitika, which is one of the best legit ad networking serving best ad types in ad network industry.

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How to create and customize your ad types in chitika?
Here you can simply navigate to ad types section select your preferred ad type and click on get code to get ad codes for your website. though chitika offers 100% high fill rate, we need to add pass-back ad-code in your ad type section. here pass-back add code will display ads when chitika
didn't serve ads for particular country. chitika also giving you a best option to block ads based on keywords you provide.

chtikia review

How to register you domain in chitika?

chitika provides you a navigation menu domains, once you click that menu link and add your websites for approval process you can place ad code in all your approval websites.for many bloggers who dont get approval from google adsense. chitika is the one of the best high paying advertising program. if you have adsense approval and displaying ads in your website, still you can use chitika with google adsense and test how chitika is working for your website. you can get good results using chitika.

chtika review

To get payment from chitika you need to have paypal account.

Here are some FAQ's about chitika

1. Minimum 10$ using paypal and 50$ bey check.
2. you can use chitika with google adsense.
3. you can add multiple websites for chitika ad network.
4. Best contextual ad network.

Pro's chitika ad network

1. Low criteria for website approval
2. minimum payment
3. works for all websites.
4. Different adtypes including mobile banners etc.

Corn's chitika ad network

1. less ppc rates when compared to google adsense
2. No, anti-ad block ad code tags for chitika ad network, publisher loose some amount.
3. Shows ads mostly on search engine traffic only.

chitika is one of the best alternative for google adsnese, most of the bloggers earning decent income form this ad network it might work great for you too.

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