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How to maximize the revenue in 2018 with adskila network

Do you own a website? You can easily monetize every single space on the website with the ads. The adskila is the best advertising network for the digital platform. It helps to grow the business. It's the best network which opens the wings for expanding the business cycle.

Why one needs to prefer the adskila network?

  • The adskila provides the secure digital platform for the advertisers and publishers to maximize the revenue.
  • It is managed by the intelligent experts to make money from your blog.
  • The adskila network provides the user friendly techniques.
Sign up for the adskila:
Its very easy to sign for the adskila network as they provide instant approval for your accounts. You can earn very easily with just the views itself. For every impression you can earn 5 paisa.
Ad Tech Made Easy With the Following:
  • Real time reporting: It provide the real time reporting analysis to satisfy the growing business needs.
  • They provide a good optimization rate to get highest revenue.
  • It provides 24/7 customers support for effective management and solving of the customers queries.

Banner image ads as the popular advertising ads:

  • banner or display ads are the image ads which are best for the website advertising.
  • The purpose of the banner advertising is to promote the brand and get visitors.
  • The banner ads are offered in standard sizes such as 300*250, 300*600,728*90,160*600,240*400.

Earn highest CPM rates with the adskila:

You can monetize the website with the adskila publisher account. By placing the ad codes in the website and earn.
  • Free sign up for the adskila publisher account.
  • Insert the ad code according to the different sizes and ad formats.
  • You can earn money and withdraw the amount once it had reached the minimum threshold value.
Maximize the site revenue with:
  • Real time dashboards facility for the publishers to maximize the revenue.
  • every publisher account is headed by the Account managers to review their ad performances.
  • They payment options are simple one is through wire transfer and by check once reached minimum threshold.
  • They provide 100% fill rate on the CPM basis.
  • It gives the strong rate and for the ads and clean the unwanted popups.

Note: Monetize every impression with the adskila smart technology.

Now lets see how the dashboard is interactive and user friendly in displaying the stats.
The dashboard of the adskila is very simple in design and every easy to go with. You can see the ads summary such as number of impressions, clicks and the money earned for the impressions.

For each and every impression you will get 5 paisa. The minimum pay-out is 2000rs and the payment date is 10th of every month.

The payments can be transferred once when you reached the minimum limit to the bank accounts given by you.

You can add new domains for the ads to be shown in your blog. For adding the domain to you need to give the following.
  • Domain name
  • Monthly visitors.
  • Select the category and then click submit to add your domain for the adskila ads to be displayed .

You can get the ad code in 5 different formats and sizes. You just need to copy it and paste in your blog. Its very easy way to get ads report by giving the domain name, from date and to date. Then you can see all your stats and look how your ads are performing.

In the profile option you can see the basic details about the account and the address information, password changing. You need to update all your financial details to get the amount credited to your account. You need to give the bank account details and the company too.

Adskila is the one of the simple and easy ad network which gives you money just for impressions. So start monetizing your website with adskila ad network.

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