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Best tips for Increasing blog revenue in 2018

Hello everyone today I am going to share with an important topic i.e how to increase your blog performance. I am going to give the readers the best tips or practice to make your blog grow financial well as well as an increase in visibility. For a blogger, the pre most thing requirement is to select the best and interactive theme design for your website.

Few tips for increasing revenue from the blog

Creating Quality Content:

Your content matters more than your work. You should write a well-formulated content with the neat description of the topic. While writing the content you should use some rules for the content to be very perfect. You should keep your title short and sweet. Your title should be very attractive and signifies your text description.

You need to use the heading tags such as h2 and h4 in order to show the differences in paragraphs. A content with headings and subheadings will give the readers a good impression.

Using pixel images:

You should use the images according to the pixel resolution of the screen. You should also do edit your images for better accuracy, visibility, color brightness. Your images will give a good appearance to your content.

You should use the tools for resizing, color contrasting of the images. You can use the adobe photoshop to add a valuable look for the images which are going to be used in the website.

SEO For the Content.

You need to set the proper keywords which rank higher by comparing with that of the competitor ones. Use the keywords in the content will help the content reach to a large extent on the google search engine results.

After doing the SEO for the content your post should appear in green color. You need to add the meta description also. Your title should contain the focus keyword. Use the tags and add multiple tags related to the content while publishing your post.

Establishing Proper Backlinks:

Building proper backlinks in a website will help the content reach to a global extent.You need to keep backlinks of your website in other reputed and relevant websites for better results. You should also check the backlinks coming into the website because some people use the falsy tricks to get your data or hack your website.

Backlinks will help to get traffic which can increase the blog revenue as well.

Best plugins for the website secure:

Your website should be highly secured as these days intruders are increasing day by day. You need to install the best plugins for your website for security issues. We can also find various plugins which will build the website speed.

You should never give a chance to the hackers in case of security to your blog. All you need to do is to install the updated plugins on WordPress into your blog.

Writing Improvement Software

Mention the updated date on the blog

Many people write content well and publish it. But they forgot to put the published date on the post. If so you might lose some visitors because all the users like updated content, if the date is not mentioned they will feel it as an old ones.

Best use of social media:

Writing content is one part and promoting it is another part. You need to use the social media to the best for fats promotion of your blog content so that you can attract many readers to your blog which in turn help you to increase in blog revenue.

You need to create all the social media accounts and then publish your content on the social channels. As many people now days looking or using the social accounts in a bulk number.

Clean your website from spammy links:

Also check your website for any spammy links and remove them. Because spammy or unwanted links will reduce the blog performances. If you want to maximize your blog revenue you need to remove the website from junk files and unwanted files.

Website should support all devices:

Build your website in such a way that your website should support all the devices. Because you can't guess users use which type of device to read your content. So make your website available on all types of websites.


If you follow these tips for increasing your blog revenue you can definitely be the winner in blogging field. But a good way of approach in presenting your information will attract the readers to your blog. Keep it in mind and write a well-structured data to give your readers a good impression.


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  2. Hi friend. Your blog is really awesome learned a lot from your blog kindly keep it up. Thank you if you want to earn online then have a look here shrink earn


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