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Google Adsense Review:

Are you a blogger and are struggling to monetize your website. Then no need to worry here comes the Google Adsense for monetizing your website.
Google Adsense is a program run by Google for the publisher's to display advertisements based on the content placed in the blog. It helps to display all types of ads such as videos, image or text ads too.
The advertisements are monitored and controlled by the Google. Google Adsense is the CPC based advertising program and pay publisher's whenever the ads are viewed and clicked. All you need to do is to insert the particular ad code into the html pages of the website. You can place the ads to target the specified users on the website.
The first thing you need to do is to create Google Adsense account and then create advertisement space on the websites for display. It's the simple process to display the ads for all types of websites by targeting the audience.

How does this Google Adsense really works?

You can discover the new ways to earn money from this aspect.
  • After signing into the Adsense account, you need to select the which type of ad you need to insert into your website. There are different ad formats such as text, images, display, and mix of two.
  • Choose the place on your website where you need to put the ad.
  • You can watch the highest paying ads in real time.
  • Google Adsense will look after the payments, you will be paid when your account reached minimum threshold.


  • You can look at the ads that work for your website.
  • You can see your website space which is in demand and constantly bid for it.
  • You can control the look of ad appearance.
  • They provide you mobile friendly ads also.
  • You are provided to look after the custom insights.
Google also launched a new powerful feature i.e auto ads. By using this you can display ads through the website and earn a good income. The thing you need to do is to add a piece of code to the pages where your ad needs to be served. Google will take care of the rest of the things.
For creating the ad units you need to go to the Adsense account then my ads--->ad units. Then click new ad unit. You will be shown to select the type of ad you need to create whether it is text or in feed or in article ad. After selecting any one ad type, you will be shown the below image to fill the details of the ad unit.You need to give the name, size, type and then save and get the ad code.

After inserting the ad code in the specified space of the website, you can view the performance of the ads in the website in performance reports. You can also activate or deactivate any ad if find useless.Once your payments reached threshold value the payments will be deposited to your respective bank accounts.
You can ad multiple ad units to your website and can check the performance of the ads. Google adsense is the best alternative because it pays genuinely and also displays the ads related to your content and targeted audience.


Google Adsense are the best of the website to grow their income. It's very easy to display the ads using the google adsense as it take care of everything and you need to just look at the performances. If the ads run very good you can keep it or else you may block. All the things are managed and controlled very effectively.

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