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ProWritingAid Review:Best editing tool for every writer

Prowritingaid editing tool is an essential tool for every writer irrespective of the field of blogging.
Are you working hard to make your content free from errors? Now, you no need to worry because all your work simplifies with the editing tools for the writers.
Among the plenty of the editing tools for the writers such as Grammarly, the prowritingaid tool is the best to make the content free from errors.

 It is used to improve your writing style.
The thing you need to do is to create an account and then simply copy paste the content or even upload the content into the prowritingaid dashboard for editing. You will be shown the suggestions to edit your content with many features.

Features Of the ProWritingAid:

The prowritingaid tool provides many features when compared with other editing software in the market.

1.More In Depth Reports:

Prowritingaid editing tool uses the 20 different reports to analyze the content and then use those reports for editing the content. We know that way of writing the content is different for different persons. With this tool, you can get different features to styles your content with a good grammatical flow.You can use good words and will show suggestions to use the thesaurus, you will also be shown the plagiarism content and also the words which are overused.

2.Mac And Windows Support:

You see most editing software support windows only. But the prowritingaid supports both the Mac and windows for the desktop versions.It covers all the Mac, windows and word processor integrations as well.

3.Best integrations save your time:

Most of the editing software uses the copy and paste where you may lose your time and formatting content also. But with the prowritingaid, as it is integrated with many external tools such as open office, word document, ms office you can edit anywhere you want. It's very easy to edit using the prowritingaid.

4.Contextual Thesaurus Report:

This report helps you to explore the similar words to replace the wording so as to make your content very attractive. You can suggest the words that fit well in your content.

5.Grammar Checking

The prowritingaid editing software tool is the best editing software tool which checks for spelling, grammar and punctuations.

6.Detail explanations:

The prowritingaid editing tool provides you the detail explanations of the errors or mistakes. Where to use appropriate sentences such as commas. It will reduce your work and saves time without searching on the web for best content.

7.Find repeated words:

It's very difficult for the writers to check the words which are overused while writing. If you use this tool it will show your the repeated words and you can replace with a different vocabulary.

8.Writing style improvements:

The prowritingaid editing tool provides the users with different styles for use.It will help you to write better content and improve your writing style.

9.Visualize sentence lengths:

This editing tool checks the sentence length and suggest you keep certain length only as it makes the readers to have a good sign on your content. Enlarged sentences without any breakage will make your readers irritate.

Prowriting Premium: No limit for editing

We can edit your content without any limit. You can also edit anywhere you write.Pricing based on the years of service. For one year validity, you need to purchase for 50$. For 2 years 75$ and for 3 years 100$. For lifetime validity you need to purchase for 175$.
From the above image you can see different options for improving your content. You can choose the writing style such as creative, general, academic, business etc. You can also choose the language i.e general English or UK English.

ProWritingAid Plagiarism Check:

You need to check your work against the millions of web pages for plagiarism. Many people simply copy and paste the content on the web. For better readability do check your content for plagiarism. They might be chances of selling your text to others. But prowritingaid never sells or even stores your content it just does it works.

Pricing for the plagiarism checks:

For 10 plagiarism checks you need to purchase it for 10$.For 100 checks you need to spend 40$, for 500 checks, you need spend 120$ and 1000 checks for 200$. The premium plus includes the same features of the prowritingaid premium and 50 checks for one year.


The prowritingaid editing tool is the best tool for making your document or content free from errors or any overused words. You can also adjust styles for your content for making it more impressive. As impressive content will give you good results than normal ones. Mnay readers attract towards the quality and error free content.

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